Dan McCleod, Editor & Publisher & Charlie Smith, Editor, The Georgia Straight, Vancouver

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- "Laura Robinson demonstrated tremendous courage in researching former Vancouver Olympics CEO John Furlong’s experiences as a missionary and volunteer teacher of First Nations children in Burns Lake in 1969 and 1970—a history that was left out of his memoir, Patriot Hearts."
- "She knew that Mr. Furlong was not going to be happy about her puncturing the popular myth that he had first arrived in Canada in 1974, where he was welcomed by a customs agent who allegedly said, “Welcome to Canada. Make us better.”

Wayson Choy
Writer and Author

"If one person risks everything to explore and expose what is necessarily true, in Thoreau's terms, that heroic person forms a majority of one.  In her in-depth reports, Laura Robinson has proven, many times over, to be that authentic, singular majority."

Michele Landsberg

Journalist, Writer and Author



"How fortunate that the First Nations people of Burns Lake have Laura Robinson on their side! She has the integrity and compassion to listen to their truths, the intellectual drive to dig out the buried facts and the incredible courage to tell the world what really happened ---no matter the cost to her personally. Laura blew the whistle on abuses in day and residential schools; this time, we must not fail to listen and to act."

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Eden Robinson
Writer and Author

"I've known Laura since 2001.  She has tackled a brutal story without flinching in a way that honoured the survivors and their journey.  She's one of the most passionate advocates for truth you will ever meet and someone I'm very proud to know."

Charlie Wilkins 
Writer, Journalist and Author

"Laura has taken great personal risks in seeking out the truth of what happened in Burns Lake, and the cost to her has been high. I greatly admire her persistence and conviction, and sincerely hope the work of the courts will match her own exceptional sense of justice."

Jan Wong
Journalist, Writer and Author

"Investigative reporting is on life support in Canada. If we care about our democracy and the future of free press in our society, we need to stand behind extraordinary individuals like Laura Robinson who risk all to tell us what we need to know."

Chic Scott
Writer and Author

"Laura Robinson is a very brave advocate for the men and women of Burns Lake. She has the courage to speak truth to power at great risk to herself. Laura deserves our respect and support and I am proud to call her a friend."

Poet Mike Acker
This case has inspired many people to re-think what Canada and Canadians really stand for. Artists, writers and musicians have contacted Ms. Robinson, given her their full support and in some cases created new art. Poet Mike Acker is one of them. You can read 'Nice' here on his website:

Messages From Other Artists:

Fred Wah
Writer and Author

"The power that comes from secrecy can only be thwarted by the power available from truth, and that always begins with words, not silence. Laura Robinson has always offered her voice to the silences of others as sustenance to the justice that can reveal such powers"